The Olive Women Series

A collection of mixed media drawings, pen, ink and charcoal sketches and oil paintings of mythical women figures inspired by olive trees. Main ingredients are creativity, imagination and inspiration, all found in the art of listening to nature. Mother nature cradles earth, the way women cradle sustainability.

The 'Olive Women' Series at the Florence Biennale 2017

Artist's Insight

My Olive Women are inspired from ancient olive trees. They are mythical figures created by my imagination while sitting under an olive tree in my partner’s olive grove. While watching my partner pick olives the old fashioned way, I drew the amazing figures that I saw in those trees.

Letting my imagination fly away, inspiration became a force in the most spontaneous way that sparked creativity, portraying women as ancient as those olive trees; as givers of life. And I came to realize that like mother nature cradles earth, my drawings portray how these ‘Olive Women’ cradle sustainability.

They are diverse in all their shapes and forms, but are one in unity of spirit with the gift of motherhood as the base of sustainability.


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